Brooklyn ERI59

Mini rose Brooklyn ERI59 Mini rose Brooklyn ERI59

The model Brooklyn ERI59 was developed in collaboration with the product designer Itamar Harari. The decisive factor for the design of the Brooklyn ERI59 door handle model was the objective of "invisibility" for both the rose and the door handle. The door handle has a narrow design, stretching out flat towards the back at the door. Looking at the door handle from a distance of approx. 3m, only a narrow line is visible. The door handle is thus barely visible, and its presence in the room is reduced to a minimum.

Rose type*


  • PAS - passage
  • PB - privacy bolt
  • PZ - euro profile rose (no cylinder)

Diameter of lever

1/4 x 13/16 "

(7 x 20 mm)


stainless steel

Tear sheets/Specification details


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